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Pursuant to the Agency Strategic Plan for the Fiscal Years 2001-2005, issued jointly by the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning and the Legislative Budget Board, 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 has developed the following "与德州人达成协议.“契约涉及向学生提供的服务, businesses and organizations that are part of the 拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 community. The goals of the State of Texas include quality services to the customers of state colleges. 澳门赌场银河官网 heartily supports this goal and commit to the following guidelines for quality of 指令 and services.




拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 provides accessible postsecondary education and training opportunities for a diverse population of Southeast Texas including students pursing a degree for the first time, those students returning for personal or professional enhancement, 那些寻求转行或晋升的学生, and to those organizations seeking to upgrade the skills of their workforce.


拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 pledges 提供品质 指令 and services in a professional, 诚实的, 及时的, 公正的, 准确的, 有礼貌, 高效的方式. Our 指令 and related services are offered with flexibility in scheduling, 位置, 交付方法, and content to those students pursuing postsecondary education. Our students have the right to expect quality services in a safe environment while seeking enrollment, 深思熟虑, 金融援助, 特殊服务, 指令, 或其他教学相关服务. We are committed to providing the best possible services and quality 指令 through:


  • 灵活的服务
  • 财政负担能力
  • 适应性输送系统
  • A student body representative of demographic patterns of the service community
  • 安全、美观的环境


  • 传统大学教育的前两年
  • Courses with multiple perspectives about the individual and world
  • 提高就业潜力
  • 支持地区雇主


  •  培养对教育的理解, 不同于训练, demands knowledge of various contrasting views of human experience in the world.
  • All students require personal attention during enrollment and pledge to meet their individual needs for personal and educational services, 金融援助, 和指令.
  • 通过提供一个合格的, 校园工作人员, automated methods of registration and 深思熟虑 that can be available to students at remote sites, and information provided through a variety of traditional and electronic media.
  • Assert that the foundations for student success include successful completion of courses and programs of study, 转学后在大学的学习成绩, 个人目标的实现, 获得就业所需的技能和风度, and the development of values and concepts that allow the student to make a meaningful contribution immediately upon employment.


We will embrace the belief that a curriculum should contain courses that (1) provide multiple perspectives about the individual and the world in which he or she lives, (2) stimulate a capacity to discuss and reflect upon individual, 政治, 以及生活的社会方面, (3) accentuate the students exploration and understanding of ways in which to exercise responsible citizenship, and (4) facilitate the integration of knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships of the disciplines.


拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 works in partnership with citizens, 区域企业, 行业, 学校, service sector organizations and other community organizations, 提供品质, 持续的服务. We seek continuous improvement through the ongoing assessment of our services through customer satisfaction surveys, 学生服务调查, 教师的评价, 商业和工业需求评估, 焦点小组和咨询委员会.


尽一切努力以专业的方式提供服务, 诚实的, 及时的, 公正的, 准确的, 有礼貌, 高效的方式. We strive to meet a minimum standard of wait time on all occasions, realizing that in periods of high quantity of demand that the times may exceed our goals. 然而, our goal is to eliminate any excess wait time and plan appropriately for overload times to allow minimization of waiting periods. 下列服务的大致轮候时间为:
  • Determine 金融援助 awards within three weeks of receiving completed file
  • Initial on-site assessment to begin registration process - 15-20 minutes
  • 在15分钟内收到付款并填妥文件
  • 通过考试取得学分- 5个工作日
  • Receipt of transcript evaluation - completed by end of first semester after receiving official completed file
  • Process admission applications with completed and official file - 3 working days
  • 处理成绩单要求- 3个工作天
Students are encouraged to contact the Special Populations and Handicapped Services Office at least two weeks prior to class to arrange for specialized services. In a situation where special materials or equipment must be purchased, 预留足够的订购时间, 收到, 并且安装设备是必要的. Specific information on students with special needs is available in 大学目录.

Students administered the ASSET will be tested and have results reported within 1-2 working days (the section of the writing sample graded off-site will take approximately five days)


The goal is to provide equitable, 及时的, fair and 准确的 resolutions to problems and complaints. Initial complaints or problems should be brought to the attention of the relevant department for resolution. If an acceptable resolution is not reached within five working days, 然后学生可以提交正式的书面投诉. In the event that a student desires to file a formal complaint, 提出书面投诉的过程和程序, 不满, or appeal is available in the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, 澳门赌场银河官网学生手册, 教员手册, 大学目录, 以及澳门赌场银河官网网站.


    Dr. 泰西·布拉德福德,学生服务主任
    P.O. 310箱
    (409) 984-6156
    (409) 984-6025 -传真

拉马尔州立大学亚瑟港 Administration, additional contact for student relations:
    Dr. 贝蒂·雷纳德,总统, (409) 984-6100
    Dr. 学术事务副校长帕梅拉·米尔萨普 (409) 984-6211
    Mary Wickland,财务执行副总裁 & 操作, (409) 984-6125
    希尔达·比卢普斯,双学分项目主任, (409) 984-6102